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**Limited Edition Vinyl LP NOW AVAILABLE**

"From start to finish… one of the most satisfying pop debuts so far this year." (Innocent Words)

"Music for a new era in pop, and calling it anything else just wouldn't do it justice." (The Music Reviews)

"More depth than anything else on the charts right now." (No Depression)

"An absolutely immaculate album from start to finish." (Gashouse Radio)

"Pop music has been desperate for an act that has as much bravado and rich texture as this group does." (Music Existence)

"You'd be hard pressed to find a record that's more fluid and gripping than this one this year." (IndieShark)

"I almost have to wonder if this album's cratering melodies will inspire other bands to try and be a little fresher with their songwriting." (Vents Magazine)

"A strong contender for album of the year." (Indie Band Guru)

"The coolness and oddities just keep coming, and you won't be able to resist a minute." (JW Vibe)

"Weird and sophisticated, but in a wholly unpretentious fashion, a delightful collection, a testament to the deep well of talent that exists on the indie fringes of the pop music landscape." (MusoScribe)

"First-rate, pulsing with rough primitive energy… off-kilter but deliciously excellent." (Seattle Pi)

"Evocative and poignant tracks in what can only be described as the anthology album of the decade." (MobAngeles)

keith xenos / fletcher liegerot